Ultra-Short Bond Funds are now available on the Cachematrix Platform

As we seek to provide additional investment product offerings and diversify portfolio holdings, the Cachematrix Platform now offers select ultra-short bond funds. Current ultra-short bond funds available through the platform include Federated, Morgan Stanley and Northern Trust.

Fund Company Ticker CUSIP
Federated Ultrashort Bond Fund FULAX 31428Q762
Federated Ultrashort Bond Fund FULIX 31428Q747
Federated Ultrashort Bond Fund FULBX 31428Q754
Morgan Stanley/Ultra-Short Income Portfolio MUAIX 617455670
Morgan Stanley/Ultra-Short Income Portfolio MUIIX 617455688
Morgan Stanley/Ultra-Short Income Portfolio MULSX 617455696
Northern Ultra-Short Fixed Income Fund NUSFX 665162467
Northern Tax-Advantage Ultra-Short Fixed Income Fund NTAUX 665162459

If you are interested in adding ultra-short bond funds to your platform, please contact your Cachematrix Sales representative.